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6 Products to Help Kids Stay Healthy at School


Hand Sanitizer to Go

If your kids are anything like mine, you really need to reinforce the importance of using hand sanitizer before and after playtime, eating, bathroom trips and getting on and off the school bus.

To save money and plastic, we recommend buying a big jug of hand sanitizer in a pump bottle and using it to refill small, portable plastic bottles that can attach to backpacks, keychains and jackets. If you’re concerned about little ones putting their hands in their mouths or even trying to drink the sanitizer, stick with an alcohol-free option.

You’ll want your kids to avoid school drinking fountains or the temptation to drink from a classmate’s bottle or straw. These reusable water bottles are easy for little hands to open, spill-proof and easy to clean. Plus, the wide straw can be slipped under a mask or face shield for secure sipping. Check out other fun designs at Amazon.com’s Camelbak store.

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