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5 Helpful Products from the Trim Healthy Mama Store That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

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Inside: Find out which Trim Healthy Mama products to buy from their store when you cannot buy them all. These are the products that are the most helpful and will actually make your life easier! 

When I first started dabbling in the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle back in 2013, there was no easy button when it came to learning the lifestyle:

When I began the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, there were also no certified coaches. The only book available at the time was the original book–the huge, 600-page dinosaur of a manual called Trim Healthy Mama.

I got out my trusty pen and highlighter and studied that book like I was studying for a college exam. I was able to lose weight after my 3rd pregnancy  by following the plan.

When the Trim Healthy Mama Plan book came out a few years later, it was easier to understand.

Still, without accountability, I ended up falling off the bandwagon, and I gained 30 pounds in the two years after my fourth and final child’s birth.

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When I’m working with my 1:1 Trim Healthy Mama coaching clients, one of the first things I ask them is: “If I could wave a magic wand and give you an easy button to make this plan work in your life, what would that button do?”

Often, that “easy button” comes in the form of ready-to-go ingredients that makes living the healthful, low-glycemic, Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle more sustainable.

Over the years, I’ve slowly began buying things from the Trim Healthy Mama store. At first, I didn’t feel it was necessary, as I was already accustomed to eating this way without needing to purchase anything from their store.

But I’ve found that, especially for my clients just starting out, purchasing the following items from the Trim Healthy Mama store is just the “easy button” they need to get started and quickly find success with the THM life.

While I’ve giving my top 5 products that I believe are the most helpful, I’m also going to give a little review of everything I’ve tried from the store, those things that I use and love but that last me so long that I barely ever have to replace them, and those items that help you live the Trim Healthy Mama life but I prefer to purchase elsewhere.

5 THM Products You Actually Need

1. Trim Healthy Naturals Baking Blend

The Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend is the perfect FP (fuel pull) item for your THM pantry. Yes, that means you can bake with it and make foods into S (satisfying), E (energizing), or FP (fuel pull)! It’s both low-carb and low-fat!

The baking blend is comprised of oat fiber, coconut flour, golden flax meal, blanched almond flour, collagen, and glucomannan (konjac extract powder).

What I Use it For

I personally don’t do a ton of baking, so I only go through a couple big bags of Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend per year, but I find it helpful to always keep on hand for the recipes I use it with again and again. I use it to make pancakes, pizza crust, and bread. There are a few recipes that call for scant amounts of it (like in a casserole), and I often leave it out of those without knowing the difference.

I tried to make my own baking blend at first but the texture always felt off, and it’s just so easy to get it at the THM store. Some of the DIY recipes become a S because of the amount of almond flour, and the THM baking blend is already perfectly blended to stay in FP mode.

A lot of the THM desserts and baked goods called for the baking blend, and some new THMers find themselves frustrated if they do not have it.

If you’re new to Trim Healthy Mama and can swing a few bags, I most definitely recommend you get it.

Buy it here.


Briana’s Baking Mix

Sheri’s Gluten-Free Baking Mix

2. Pristine Whey Protein Powder

Can Trim Healthy Mama be done without protein powder? Yes. Is it part of the easy button? Absolutely.

When you’re a busy mama, having the ability to make quick protein shakes is a must. As well, there are some amazing THM recipes out there for baked goods that uses whey protein to increase the protein content (like this super easy FP bread recipe!).

There are so many bad protein powders on the market today–full of sugars, too many fats, too many carbs, or just really unhealthy ingredients.

Will they help you lose weight? Sure. Will they help you gain health? Probably not.

That said, there are also many great protein powders on the market today. I would never suggest that the Trim Healthy Mama brand of whey protein powder is the be all, end all. But, it is very high quality, made with top notch ingredients, and it’s perfectly on plan. It fits that easy button to a T.

What I Use it For

I use my whey protein for my okra shakes several times per week. I also use whey protein in my coffee to make a rich, frothy latte several mornings per week. I also use it for several baked goods or for making a DIY protein bar. I even use it in my homemade protein-packed peanut butter cups!


Before I began using the Pristine Whey Protein Powder, I used Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder and also OWYN Plant-Based Protein Powder (the vanilla flavor is also fabulous). These two are great for those who want to stay low or no dairy.

You want to stay with on-plan ingredients (look at the ingredients on the THM Food Analyzer App) and it’s best to stick with a protein powder that can be a FP–so 10g net cards or less and 5g of fat or less. You also want to stick with 2g or less of sugar per serving. The OWYN Plant-Based Protein Powder has very clean ingredients, but it has 4g sugar per serving, so I would back it off to 1/2 serving (which was 1 scoop instead of 2) when I used it. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder is probably better in this regard, as it is sweetened with on-plan sweeteners and has 0g of sugar.

3. Trim Healthy Naturals MCT Oil

MCT Oil is so good for the metabolism! I sometimes challenge myself to use at least 1 teaspoon MCT oil in something each day.

My MCT oil lasts me a really long time because I only use a little at a time. When I first started THM, I used the NOW brand MCT oil. I recently ordered the Trim Healthy Naturals MCT Oil and really like it. I will probably stick to it from now on.

What I Use it For

I usually see the scale move when I am consistent with adding MCT oil to my hot drinks or shakes. Along with my hot drinks and shakes, you can also use MCT oil to make salad dressings. I will often use 2 Tbsp. MCT oil and 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar to dress my S salads.


You want to look for a non-GMO, organic MCT oil. Here are some alternatives I’ve used before:

NOW brand MCT oil.

Keto MCT Oil

Azure Markets Organics Coconut MCT Oil from Azure Standard

(Azure Standard is kind of like a natural foods co-op. I talk about it in this post.)

4. Gentle Sweet

Switching to a low-glycemic is an absolute must when living the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. Yes, some people don’t have a sweet tooth and can live fine without desserts.

The majority of us? Not so much!

I was attracted to the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating because I could eat healthfully, lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight, and I could do so without feeling deprived! I can eat my cake for breakfast if I want!

But that takes cutting out sugar and finding an alternative. And I’ll be honest: That is probably one of the most difficult changes–at first.

The staple sweetener on the Trim Healthy Mama plan has always been stevia (from the herb) , but this sweetener has a very bitter taste for some, and it’s just not as appetizing as, well, sugar.

Sugar alcohols–which, in a nutshell, are made through fermenting certain plans, like corn or birch, are actually natural sweeteners. Although fine for humans, one sugar alcohol, xylitol, can be toxic to dogs, so I personally avoid it. As well, it can case some people to feel digestive upset (I’m one of those).

My preferred sweetener is Pyure, which is a stevia/erythritol blend. I can get it Walmart of Amazon.

Monk fruit and chicory root are two other on-plan sweeteners as well as Swerve. In my experience, monk fruit is the best option of these 3, especially for those who want to avoid stevia or sugar alcohols for whatever reason. Monk fruit is not as sweet as Pyure, and some packaged monk fruit is actually blended with another sweetener, so be sure to check labels.

Chicory root can cause digestive upset in some, Swerve can leave an odd, cooling sensation in your mouth. I just prefer to avoid these and stick to Pyure.

FREE Guide To Alternative Sweeteners

All that said, it takes a little experimenting to find the THM-compliant sugar substitute that works for you.

In the meantime, the “easy button” will be to just buy the THM sweeteners. Their recipes call for them, so you have to do some mental math to convert other on-plan sweeteners to go with their recipes (which is possible: I do it).

The original Gentle Sweet is a stevia/erythritol/xylitol blend, but they now also have a version without xylitol to make it safer for homes with dogs.

If you’re new to Trim Healthy Mama, I recommend you get at least one bag of Gentle Sweet to use for experimenting.

What I Use it For

I have ordered Gentle Sweet in the past, but now I prefer Pyure since I can get it locally. Supposedly Pyure and Gentle Sweet are a 1:1 conversion, but I actually half my Pyure for the Gentle Sweet amount. I guess I don’t have much of a sweet tooth!


If you have all of the individual sweeteners, you may be able to save a little money and make your own Gentle Sweet. I have done that before. It’s just easier to buy it.

5. Super Sweet Blend

Super sweet is another THM sweeter. It is twice the sweetness of Gentle Sweet and many Trim Healthy Mama cookbook recipes call for it.

I would personally advice new THMers to get bags of both Gentle Sweet and Super Sweet while, so they can have a mental break on trying to figure out sugar conversions while they are just learning the plan.


If you have all of the individual sweeteners, you may be able to save a little money and make your own Super Sweet. I have done this before as well.

A Simple THM Sweetener Conversion Chart!

Other Easy Button Products

Trim Healthy Naturals Cuffin Mix 

Want a super easy Trim Healthy Mama breakfast or snack? The Trim Healthy Naturals Cuffin Mix has “easy button” written all over it. It’s just like a cake mix. Add an egg, some oil, and some water, stir, pop it in the microwave, and you have a muffin in a mug in no time flat.

I personally prefer the cinnamon spice cuffin mix,but they also have a chocolate cuffin mix for those chocoholics out there!

What I Use it For

You can’t ask for a quicker breakfast than this. On days you need to get out the door in a hurry–or on days where you’re simply feeling lazy–this is the way to go.


There are a bazillion muffin-in-a-mug recipes all over the blogosphere. You can easily make these yourself without buying the mix, but the having the mix on hand makes making these so much easier during busy seasons.

Here are some DIY cuffin recipes for you Purists or Non-Busy Mamas:

Volcano Mudslide Muffin

Cinnamon Roll Single Muffin

Blueberry-Lemon Muffin

German Chocolate Muffin in a Mug

Pressed Peanut Flour

If you really like peanut flavored items, then you may want to get a bag of pressed peanut flour as well.

What I Use it For

I LOVE my peanut-flavored or peanut butter chocolate shakes! Or to make a peanut butter spread.


Any defatted peanut flour will work, but you need to make sure it’s sugar-free or at least 2g of sugar or less per serving. A lot of the peanut flours on the market have sugar. 

Trim Healthy Naturals Oat Fiber

If you love baking–especially FP baking–then oat fiber. There are some desserts that simply cannot be made with any other flour, like the Guilt Gone Cranberry Pie (which is AMAZING!).

Oat fiber can be confused with oat flour. They are not the same. Oat flour is simply ground oats and is an E. Oat fiber is a fuel pull.

What I Use it For

I’ve lived without it during most of my THM journey. You can really live without it, but once in in a while I will be disappointed if I run across a recipe I want to try and can’t because it calls for oat fiber. For that reason, I bought a bag recently, and I think it will last me a very long time.


I don’t really have one. The THM oat fiber is gluten-free (which I am), and it’s hard to find gluten-free oat fiber. If you aren’t gluten-free, you should be able to find one on Amazon.

Pure Stevia

I do not use pure stevia very often since I personally prefer a stevia erythritol blend. However, once in a while I’ll run across a recipe that calls for a tiny amount of stevia, and, I’m, therefore, glad I have it on hand. (One very small package will last me years.)

The Trim Healthy Mama brand has sourced a very pure stevia, and I trust it.

What I Use it For

I barely ever use it, but when I do it’s usually for a recipe that calls for a pinch or a “doonk” (1/32 tsp.). There are many savory recipes that call for a tiny bit of stevia that I just leave out.


There really are no alternatives to pure stevia, but there are plenty of sweetener alternatives (see above).


Gluccamannon is made from the konjac root, and it’s another product that will last me for forever because I use so little of it. However, it’s very helpful to have on hand, as it’s a thickener (an alternative to cornstarch). It is also great for the metabolism and can help break a weight loss stall.

What I Use it For

I use it as a thickener for some shake recipes and also to thicken soups or sauces.


Xanthan gum can be used as a substitute for gluccamannon in some (but not all) recipes.

I personally prefer other brands for the following on-plan items:


Hands, down, Zint is my favorite collagen (and I’ve tried several). It’s a great price and dissolves very well. I tried the Trim Healthy Mama brand a few years ago, and I felt like it really clumped up in my coffee.

I use collagen in my coffee every single morning. In my opinion, collagen is a must-have for the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. I just would avoid the THM brand of it.

Mineral Salt

I prefer the Real Salt brand, which I’ve been using for about 10 years. Use code humbledhomemaker to get it for 15% off.

I use the following Trim Healthy Mama products infrequently:

I have the following in my pantry, and I don’t regret that I do, but I use them so infrequently that I don’t feel anyone new to THM needs to rush out to get them. I would ease into these products, buying one at at time as you’re able.

Baobab Boost Powder: Great for your immune system, this contains a lot of vitamin C. I sometimes add it to my Good Girl Moonshine. Too much causes me to have digestive upset.

Nutritional Yeast: I’ve been using this for years–long before Trim Healthy Mama. It gives your food a slightly nutty, cheesy flavor. I used it when our family was dairy-free to give us the flavor of cheese. Some people add it to eggs or popcorn or a number of things. I don’t use it often. The last time I purchased it, I got the Lewis Labs brand. Some nutritional yeast brands are fortified with extra folic acid, which I try to avoid since I have the MTFHR gene mutation, and this lab didn’t contain the form of folic acid that my body has trouble processing.

Sunflower Lecithin: I do use sunflower lecithin weekly, but I use such a tiny amount that the contain I currently have (the NOW brand) has lasted me more years than I want to admit (it’s, um, probably expired by now!). It has many health benefits, especially for nursing mothers, but most THM recipes that call for it say it’s optional. It will not affect the taste of recipes in the least. The next time I need to replace it, though, I will probably opt for the Trim Healthy Mama brand.

Phyllium Flakes–If you plan on baking a lot THM-compliant breads or non-dairy cheese, then you may want to get this. However, I think most do not need it. This is the type of ingredient that the Purists out there need. You can make your own low-carb tortillas or wraps with phyllium flakes, but they’re not easy, and it’s easier to buy something on plan that is already made–at the store.

Things I’ve never tried:

Just Gelatin-I do use gelatin (albeit infrequently), but I’ve always gotten a brand from the store and didn’t feel a need to buy this from the THM website.

Hydrates–People rave about these. Think: Crystal Light meets Trim Healthy Mama. I personally like the taste of original Good Girl Moonshine and didn’t need to wean myself off soft drinks when I started THM, so I haven’t felt the need to get these. If you hate the taste of water, then may be a great way to help you increase your hydration without getting bored.

Protein Bars–Strawberry & Chocolate–I’ve never tried these, but I hear they are fabulous. I get some personal choice protein bars from Costco, so I haven’t felt the need to buy these.

Dynamic Greens Powder-This is a brand new product on the THM site, so I’ve not had a chance to try it.

Coffee-I haven’t felt the need to try the THM coffee when I am happy with my affordable Fair Trade coffee from ALDI.

Natural Burst Flavorings

Protein Pleasure Cookies

Shameless Cheesy Kick Crackers

Dark Chocolate Bars

Milk Chocolate Bars

Trim Healthy Naturals Chocolate Chips

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