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20 Top MLM Companies For Health Wellness Products (2020)


Herbalife works in most countries in the world with many Products. In India, Herbalife Nutrition Products are very Popular and also his Business Plan.

American MLM Giant Forever Living Products makes some great health products that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. 

Rex Maughan is the founder of this company. It was founded in 1978 in the United States.

This company most of the cases only focus on Aloe Vera Plant. They have their own  Aloe Vera Plant Farm.

They contain a full range of nutritional supplements, including aloe vera-based products useful in a variety of treatment conditions, including capsules and syrups. 

Also, we know, Using Aloe vera juice or Gel Daily is very very beneficial for our skin.

According to Wikipedia, The revenue of this company is 160 Corres USD in 2018.

They have distribution outlets for their business partners worldwide.

DXN is a Multi-Level Marketing Company. The origin of the company in Malaysia. It’s established in 1993.

DXN specializes in medicines and healthcare products made with Ganoderma, an anecdotal part of the world. 

These Direct Selling Company have 10 million registered distributors worldwide. Awsome.

You can try ordering their health supplements online. However, these will be served by their MLM affiliates.

Oriflame is a cosmetic MLM company that focuses on beauty products. The headquarters of this company is Switzerland.

Oriflame is valued at more than 2 billion USD and has been in business for more than 54 years.

But, The fact is, the price of product of this company is too expensive, Normal people can’t effort this in daily life.

Some beauty products are night cream, multi perfection eye treatment, skin care, face scrub and other make up products like eye liner, , nail paints etc.

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