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20 Healthy Dip Recipes for the Perfect Quick and Easy Appetizer | Diet Pills Products


Holiday parties may be a little smaller this year but you can still enjoy some good food! We’re serving up 20 healthy dip recipes that are perfect for snacking and celebrating.

You”;re probably thinking, “Great, just what I need when I”;m trying to lose weight, an irresistible calorie-and-fat-laden dip for calorie-and-fat-laden (and can”;t stop at one) chips.” But you don”;t have to despair over holiday appetizers when you have these guilt-free and healthy dip recipes!

These healthy appetizer dip recipes will calm all your fears. They”;re all tasty but they”;re totally diet-friendly. (A couple are even meant for dessert dipping!) Plus, they can help you eat more veggies.

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Do yourself a favor: Don”;t save this one for Cinco de Mayo. Corn is available year-round so make it for any special event! It is the perfect family snack for watching football. You char two cups of corn in a skillet (or on a grill, also year-round now) and combine with jalapeno, cilantro, chopped red onion, diced avocado and crumbled cotija or feta cheese. Serve with a dressing made from lime juice, minced garlic, lime juice and black pepper. Scoop it with veggies or whole grain chips or use it to top tacos. The recipe makes four servings and each is 215 calories and counts as one SmartCarb and three Extras.

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Pumpkin is more than just pie and Halloween decor. It”;s actually an edible squash and like other squashes, is high in vitamin A. In your supermarket, they”;re sold as cooking pumpkins and they make the base of this interesting hummus that combines pumpkin cubes, garlic, salt and cumin which is roasted in the oven until golden. Blend with a little lemon juice and water until the mix is hummus consistency. The recipe makes two servings and counts as one Extra.

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Get out your food processor and throw in walnuts, a cup of jarred roasted bell peppers, garlic, pomegranate molasses, whole wheat breadcrumbs, lemon juice, olive oil, red pepper flakes, cumin and salt. Before you know it, you have a savory dip that you can use to serve a crowd! It also makes a healthy Flex Snack for you and your family. It”;s only 53 calories per serving and counts as two Extras.

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Pimento cheese is a traditional Southern dish that”;s made its way to all corners of the US because it is SO delicious. It”;s great as a sandwich spread too. Plus, you gotta love a recipe that says, “;mix all the ingredients in one bowl,”; right? Those ingredients include jarred pimento, reduced fat shredded cheddar, chives, plain nonfat Greek yogurt, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Serve on whole wheat crackers or bread. On Nutrisystem, this dip counts as one SmartCarb and one PowerFuel and is 189 calories per serving.

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If you love edamame, you”;ll love this spreadable and dip-able hummus that”;s a lovely emerald green. You simply blend a cup of deshelled edamame, tahini, lemon juice, water, cloves, olive oil, cumin, pepper and onion powder. One serving (one tablespoon) is only 64 calories and counts as half of a PowerFuel on Nutrisystem.

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It”;s not a party without spinach dip! This holiday classic replaces most of the fat with herbaceous goodness. Combine nonfat Greek yogurt with steamed baby spinach, pine nuts, garlic, scallions, fresh dill, red bell pepper and lemon juice. Scoop it up with carrots, celery sticks, cucumber slices or sliced whole grain bagels.

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After the first taste, you”;ll agree that adding artichoke to basic hummus is a stroke of genius. It adds fiber to an already high-fiber food, making it ultra-satisfying. This dip is also easy to make. Blend together chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, tahini, cumin and olive oil in your food processor. Add water if it”;s too thick, then stir in chopped artichokes and basil. Try this on thick slices of red pepper, celery, cucumber, whole wheat crackers or pita. A two-tablespoon serving is only 87 calories and counts as one SmartCarb.

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